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About me

Hi there! I'm James. I am a Front-end Developer based in Toronto. I work with JavaScript, React, and secretly love CSS. Growing up with technology, I have always wondered how things worked. This curiousity has brought me to the exciting life of coding! Besides being a web developer; I'm an avid snowboarder, I'm a master chef in my household, and I'm a least to my friends.

portrait photo of James Lau
portrait photo of James Lau

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my projects

image of Ethical Makeup app on monitor

Ethical Makeup

html | css | es6 | react | restful api | firebase

An app created in a team environment, users can collectively discover and review, ethical cosmetic products. Users can search for a product using a drop down list (e.g. ‘lipstick’, ‘eyeshadow’, etc). Users can also add their personal review of the product and rate the product would repurchase or wouldn’t repurchase.

image of What We Be Bringing app on monitor

What We Be Bringing!

html | css | es6 | react | firebase

An app where users can input what items they will be bringing to an event. Great for pot lucks, game nights, and sporting events!

image of Bar One website on a monitor

Bar One

html | css | sass

A PSD multipage conversion with responsive designs optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences.

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